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Volunteer Spotlight

JAYME DICKINSON It would be no overstatement to say that over the past few years Jayme Dickinson has been one of our most faithful and loyal volunteers. What makes Jayme even more special is the fact that she came to 3MP as a frequent visitor more than three years ago. Then, upon entering high school, she […]

Volunteer Spotlight

CHRIS ROBINSON Chris has been volunteering with us at 3 Mile Project over the past two years and it is always a joy to have him around. His heart for young people and witty humor makes Chris an excellent fit and you will often find him playing basketball with the kids, working in the café, […]

The 3 Turns 5

As difficult as it may be for us to believe, the 3 Mile Project will celebrate its 5th birthday in just a couple of weeks.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking about this over the past few weeks, marveling at how quickly five years can fly by and how we’ve been blessed as […]

What This Place Really Needs

During a Saturday evening not too long ago I was stopped next to one of our basketball courts by one of our 5th grade visitors.  Looking up and without preamble she asked me, “Do you know what this place really needs?” That question always stops us in our tracks.  In order to remain as fresh […]


Most of us have had heroes in our lives that we’ve idolized and done our best to emulate.  Yours might have been an athlete, teacher, musician, business leader, or parent but, regardless, heroes can play an important role in our lives by providing encouragement, motivation, and an example to which we can aspire. As a […]

School Year Schedule

Now that school is back in session it’s time for us to switch back to our school year schedule.  We maintain two separate schedules (summer and school year) as part of our effort to be available to as many young people as possible.  Being open on weekend evenings during the school year for our youngest […]

Rising Above the Darkness

We experienced our first power outage during open hours last Wednesday evening.  We were about an hour into the evening when the lights went out as the result of a storm in the area.  Our emergency lighting came on immediately and, after a few shouts of surprise, things calmed down and our staff was able […]

Seasonal Schedule

Our attendance follows somewhat predictable cycles, including a trend for lower attendance during the summer months.  That only makes sense.  There are times when it can seem like we get only four or five days of summer here in Michigan, so folks want to take advantage of every spare second of nice weather.  Unfortunately for […]

Be Ready.

Bullying is nothing new.  From the beginning of time there have been people who have used threat, intimidation, and force to exert their will over others.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we can all recall times in our lives when we’ve been the targets of bullies.  In fact, the names and faces of those who […]

Child Sues Parents

The following is a commentary written by Ruben Navarrette and is reprinted from the Washington Post Writers Group: “Mexicans have a saying that should serve as a warning to today’s parents, not only south of the border but also in the U.S.  It loosely translates as:  ‘If you raise crows, they’ll scratch out your eyes.’ […]