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Event Details
Please check if you'd like our cafe open for cash sales (no outside food allowed if we open our cafe)
Please check this box if you'd like to add 3 Mile Ninja to your rental (extra rental charge applies). Entry to ninja limited to guests age 6 and above.
Guideline Agreement
The following guidelines apply to use of the 3 Mile Project facility and grounds:
  1. The use of alcohol or tobacco products is prohibited everywhere on our property.
  2. Any damages to the building or grounds will be billed to the renting organization or person.
  3. When minors are in attendance, a minimum ratio of one adult per twenty students must be maintained. Adult presence must be continuously maintained in each area utilized by renter when minors are in attendance. A registration process must be in place for all minor attendees, which must include the completion of a liability waiver form. No minors shall be allowed into the facility without a liability waiver form signed by parent/guardian. Completed waiver forms already in use by the renting organization are acceptable.
  4. No items may be attached to any part of the building or its furnishings in a fashion that causes damage to the facility or its furnishings.
  5. Outside food may be brought in only with prior approval – popcorn is strictly prohibited.
  6. We reserve the right to deny rental to any organization and/or person.
  7. All food and beverage debris, decorating supplies, and other trash must be picked up, bagged, and placed in the dumpster located in the facility parking lot. The facility and grounds shall be left in an orderly condition. The use of glitter is strictly prohibited.
  8. Furniture and fixtures must not be removed from the areas they occupy
Guidelines Agreement*