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2014 01.03

So It Begins . . .


Have you ever awoken with one of those brilliant, potentially world-changing ideas that make you hop out of bed and write it down on the pad of paper you keep on your bedside stand?  I had one of those ideas just this morning.  “What this world needs,” I thought to myself while frantically trying to scribble out the words through my sleep-fogged eyes, “is another blog!”

Not really.

I think we need another blog like we need more Washington lobbyists, more Miley Cyrus videos, and another rendition of the song Little Drummer Boy.  The truth is that I find the majority of blogs to be self-absorbed, trivial, and poorly written.  Why would I ever want to write one?  And, more importantly, who on earth would want to read it?

But here I am, having been dragged kicking and screaming into the world of blogging.  I’ve been convinced by those wiser than me in the ways of social media that we have an important story to share and that we’re being selfish by keeping it to ourselves.  And I have to admit that, in an age when we seem inundated by bad news, there are some remarkably good things happening here at the 3 Mile Project.  God is working in powerful ways and lives are being changed – sometimes dramatically but more often than not in smaller yet consistent increments.

So here goes.  We’re going to try our best to use this instrument to celebrate the idea that what’s going on here is not about us.  The things that we experience here on a weekly basis are way bigger than that.  So I’ll do my best to avoid being self-absorbed and trivial.  The writing quality?  No guarantees.  Our prayer, however, is that you’ll be informed and encouraged by the stories we share.

– Stan, Executive Director