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2016 01.21

Volunteer Spotlight



Chris has been volunteering with us at 3 Mile Project over the past two years and it is always a joy to have him around. His heart for young people and witty humor makes Chris an excellent fit and you will often find him playing basketball with the kids, working in the café, or in one-on-one conversations with our visitors.

During the day Chris works for a construction company and serves as the Senior Pastor at Redeeming Life Ministries in Muskegon. He first found out about 3 Mile Project through a local church event but it was not until his son became a regular visitor that Chris decided to get involved with our ministry.

“There is something unique about the atmosphere here at 3 Mile and the concept reaches every child that comes through these doors”, Chris says. “It has a huge potential to impact the kingdom of God.”

When I asked him about what has been the most rewarding experience so far, Chris replied: “I have had multiple one-on-one conversations with kids I don’t know. Every time I can make an impact in someone’s life is a blessing from God and helps build His kingdom.” And to the question of something memorable from his time volunteering, he responded: “Shooting hoops with Michigan State’s former star Allyssa DeHaan-Clark who happens to be a staff member here”.

Chris’ continued dedication to 3 Mile Project and the kingdom of God reminds all of us about the importance of why we are here. God has given us a field to sow and we want to be a part of scattering the seeds of faith, hope, and love in these young people’s lives by meeting them where they are, regardless of where they might be in their faith journey.

Thank you Chris for your service in bringing forth God’s kingdom through 3 Mile Project!

– Josef Disby, 3MP Intern and Kuyper College student