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2016 02.15

Volunteer Spotlight



It would be no overstatement to say that over the past few years Jayme Dickinson has been one of our most faithful and loyal volunteers. What makes Jayme even more special is the fact that she came to 3MP as a frequent visitor more than three years ago. Then, upon entering high school, she began volunteering with us, desiring to be a part of the ministry that had impacted her deeply when she went through difficult times in her own life.

When not serving at 3MP, Jayme is a junior in high school, plays several sports, works, and is involved with her church in various activities. She first heard about 3 Mile Project from a member of her former church who helped with the construction of our facility on 3050 Walkent DR NW. Jayme remembers: “He told me that if I had trouble making friends at school, or if I was bullied, I could go to this newly opened place called 3 Mile Project. There would be staff and volunteers who would make every effort possible to make everyone feel like they belonged and were loved. “

For Jayme, this turned out to be true: “There was a great atmosphere here and I was able to come out of my bubble because there was no bullying. During a week of especially intense bullying in school, I came here to 3 Mile and shared with a number of the staff and volunteers. They sat down and talked with me and after that night, the whole week seemed much better.”

The reason why Jayme returns every week is because she wants to give other kids the same experience that she had. “I want to let them know that there are people out there who care for you, regardless of who you are and where you come from. I have a great memory from one of my nights of volunteering when I was playing Minecraft (a video game) with a lonely boy. After a while a group came up to him and asked if they could join in. They sat together all night and the lonely boy was smiling the whole time because he had made new friends.”

It’s always an encouragement for us to hear stories of how the ministry of 3 Mile Project touches the lives of young people from all over the Grand Rapids area. Jayme is a blessing because she is a constant reminder of why we are here. Thanks, Jayme, for your heart for young people.  We look forward to serving alongside you for years to come!

– Josef Disby, 3MP Intern and Kuyper College student